Design and Analysis of Qarresh and Qutub Center

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Abdulrahman Swalmah
Basil Almaani
Reham Thaher
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Qarresh and Qutub center is a commercial building, which is located in Rafedia Street in Nablus city in Palestine. The aim of the establishment of this building is to provide commercial and investment rooms for people and provide parking, this project is under construction which consist of 16 floors, two basement floor, ground floor and 11 top floor with a total area of 10026𝑚 The first basement floor consists of parking for 21vehichles with an area of 942𝑚 , the second basement floor consist of warehouse with an area of 910𝑚, courage of basement floor consist of courage's with an area of 450𝑚 , the ground floor consists of stores so that each store includes an kitchen , bathroom and car park with an area of 683𝑚 .in addition , the first and second floors consists of galleries with an area of 710𝑚 for first floor and 732𝑚 for second floor . The third , fourth and mezzanine floors divided to six section each section consists of Office Room , Management Room , Secretarial desk , Bathroom and kitchen , with an total area 752𝑚 for third floor , 762𝑚 for fourth floor and 655𝑚 for mezzanine floor , fifth floor consists of parking for 19 cars with an area of 750𝑚 . The sixth floor divided into two part , the first part consists of parking for 11 cars and the second part consist of Office Room , Management Room , Secretarial desk , Bathroom and kitchen , with an area of 665𝑚 , seventh floor consists of restaurant with an area of 495𝑚 , eighth and ninth floors consists of Apartments with an area 432𝑚 for eighth floor and 365𝑚 for ninth floor , finally stair floor with an area of 55𝑚 . Structural models will be analyzed and designed by using computer software like sap2000. and the results will be checked by hand calculations, then design column and footing shall be earthquake resistant, in addition, AutoCAD will be used in drawing sections and details. The structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI-318-14. For seismic design, IBC code will be used.