Recipes Recommender System

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Nana, Mais
Musleh, Amal
zraiq, Hala
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Recommendation systems are tools for interacting with large and complex information spaces, they provide a personalized view of these spaces, giving priority to the elements that are likely to be of interest to the user. Most of the big players in the industry like Google, Amazon, EBay, etc. use some sort of recommendation system in the background to recommend personalized products, ads, and videos. Recommendation systems play an important role in helping people find recipes that interest them and match their eating habits, and recommendation systems make use of user profiles, user browsing history, search history, and filtering technologies to gather information and help users find the right information from a large volume of data. The system is a mobile application that works on Android and iOS built using the filter and is used by all ages easily. To build this application, the content-based systems algorithm was used. Goals and Objectives ● Find recipes similar to the user's taste. ● Facilitate the process of preparing and finding meals for users ● Give a satisfactory outcome from the research process