Smart Solver

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Mayaleh, Maram
Ratrout, Dalia
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Equations in all types such as mathematical, physical, chemical are the basis of engineering. All engineering departments use equations to solve problems that faced them .In recent years, a “Photo-math" application is implemented to provide: Camera calculator, Handwriting recognition, Step-by-step instructions and smart calculator. In addition to all the previous features, our project is not specific only on mathematical equations as Photo-math, but it is extended to solve physical, electrical, computer equations. Also, it specifies the type of the given equation that is what features should be done. The project represents how to solve any equation by simply point the mobile camera toward a problem and it will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions. The equation could be written on paper by hand (manual) or in a printed way. For doing that, we will use Optical Character Recognition SDK technology (OCR); OCR is using to convert and detect the equation. Our application also tells the user the type of an equation that already measured as we mentioned before to find an academic method to help the students in school, college specific engineering departments which that project will treat with many types of equations for more than one department such as chemical, electrical and so on. Also, to make an easier way of measurement and at any time because the phones stay with our hands for long times not as a calculator. Moreover, to reduce the time and efforts that are the main impact of the project. They have two domain in that applications: the first is image processing, the second one is a cross-platform.