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Sabbah, Aya
Shawareb, Duha
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Sign language is a language for people who face challenges in hearing and speech, it is a system of hand symbols representing the words, concepts or ideas of language, a language based on the sense of sight. It is clear that communication with the deaf and dumb in different places such as hospitals, banks and others is difficult, therefore with great technological development a need for a system that enables direct communication of the deaf and mute with others appeared, sign language Recognition and translation system that can understand signs made by challenging people and translate from normal English to American Sign Language .In such system signer can make a sign and other person understand also a normal person who don􀍛t know sign language can write an English text that could be converted to animated sign which could be understood by deaf and silent people so the communication become possible . The main structure of sign language recognition and translation system divided into main two features. First feature, a real time sign language hand gesture recognition which enables person who don􀍛t know sign language to use his mobile to monitor deaf and silent people gestures and these gestures will be immediately converted to English text appears on the screen. Second feature, enables deaf and silent people to understand normal people English that happens as normal ones type a text in their mobiles then after both sides have connected their devices using Bluetooth, the written text is sent to deaf and silent people mobile which then converted to animated sign gesture that could be understood by them.