Do Re Mi Music Center

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Ahmad Khaled Saddouq
Ehab Samer Sarrawi
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Initially, the project was named Do Re Mi Music Center to suit the purpose it was set for. The city includes all age groups that our project includes as well. Moreover, our project will organize and facilitate the learning process. Recently, we noticed the lack of musical sense for most of the people, and our project aims to embrace people who are talented and who tend to play a musical Instrument, although our musical center is a high-level center since it involves a group of professional musicians. Also one of the most important reasons that encouraged us to develop this music center is that most of the people listen to music daily and they tend to learn on their favorite instrument by exploiting their break time to improve a new skill and this could increase their self-confidence. There are many features in our application. Throughout it, we can empower anyone who needs strengthening by facilitating music courses and private lessons during the available times or by choosing the required teacher, also our application provides a shopping feature that could help musicians or students to get their favorite instrument.