Operations Improvement at AECO

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Ro’a Omar Barham
Hala Nabil Demaidi
Rand Omar Ghannam
Isra Abdalsalam Haj Hamad
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Industries in general face problems in their production planning, maintenance systems, communication between departments and communication with customers. These problems increase the overall cost, decrease productivity and customer satisfaction. Arab Eastern Company (AECO) faces these kinds of problems too, such as poor production planning, non-documented maintenance system, poor communication between departments and in the order fulfillment process. This project is established to make improvements at AECO and it provides different options to solve these problems, starting with introducing different types of forecasting methods to apply systematic production and inventory planning, introducing a failure mode and effect analysis (FEMA) system to document the maintenance procedures, and also introducing tools and procedures to ensure the safety of the workers. Data was collected from AECO company and analyzed to define the main problems and start solving them.