Grass Cutting Robot

With the increase in green spaces in the world, people need to take care of them, but we do not deny that they require a lot of time and effort, which sometimes a person does not have the space for. From this standpoint, we thought to find a solution that could help in the process of caring for plants and save time and effort for humans, so we started our idea by working on a robot that cuts green grass when it reaches a certain length in the garden and with work on the idea of making its movement logical and suitable for the work that will It is done by this robot. For the movement, it begins with the ability of this robot to cover all the existing space in addition to its ability to move away from the obstacles that appear in front of it. In addition,to make it easier for the user, two modes of movement are provided, either automatically or by the user controlling his movement. In addition To facilitate the movement process, this robot cuts the grass only when it has reached a certain length, and this saves energy on the robot instead of constantly cutting, and to take care of the garden in all respects, we have added the feature of watering the crops when a low level of moisture is reached in the soil. This is done wirelessly by sending a notification to the robot from the soil sensor, then the robot pumps water to increase the moisture level in the soil.