Redesign of Nablus Municipality building

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Hindi, Arwa
Hamadi, Aya
jayyosi, Roqaya
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This project adopts expanding Nablus Municipality building idea, which is offered by Nablus municipal official to support the connection between the university and the community. The importance of this project arises from the importance of Nablus Municipality building which created for applying services to community, so high numbers of visitors is expected to come, which means the importance of expanding the building. Another reason that increases the importance of this project, the building is very old which means it doesn't consider the basic stranded in construction from environmental and shape sides. Finally; the building is located on the main street which makes these arrangements more crucial that must be considered through design stage. The project involves two phases. In the first phase, “first graduation project” which include assessment and analyzing of the building from architectural, structural, environmental, electrical, and mechanical aspects. In the second phase “second graduation project” which include redesign where the new design will take in consideration all problems in current building and try to solve or reduce the effects of these problems. Through assessment and redesign phases computer software will be used such as ETABS software for structure, Design Builder and DIAlux.evo for environmental and International standard codes for architecture. The outcome of the project is detailing of the new design, shop drawing and a table of quantities will be submitted.