Integrated Design for Nablus Municipality

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Salman, Rawiah
Antar, Shahd
Mbrouk, Lara
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The "municipality" is a governmental department and service apparatus that has a major role in people's economic and social lives. Undoubtedly, the role of municipalities is a great responsibility, A municipality is an urban administrative department and local authorities established by regions to provide services to civilians. It can be found in cities or villages. Increase its revenues through taxes, grants, and government funding. It helps people in their daily life in various ways; From garbage collection and fire services, to the construction of cultural facilities such as community centers and libraries.” “The main reason to design a new one in Nablus is due to the rapid growth rate, and the current municipality is not adapting to this growth. It is very small compared to the services provided. On the other hand; Its current location on Faisal Street in dense area in the city, where it is difficult for citizens to reach it with their own cars. This project has presented a new design for the municipality of Nablus, located on land that has been cut off from Gamal Abdel Nasser Park. It aimed to provide a building that meets all standards and functions to obtain an integrated building.” “To meet the mentioned objective group of methodologies were adopted. At first, all information about municipality was gathered by doing a literature review including, reading books and articles related to the subject. After that, throughout the design process of all building aspects, various software has been used such as AutoCAD, Revit and Etabs 2016.” “The process has been eventually led to the integrated municipality building goes through ordered steps. The first one was to analyze the site on which the municipality has aimed to be constructed in terms of its topographical nature and surrounding environment. Then came the role of integrated design of the building in terms of architectural design including spaces and orientation, and environmental design including ventilation, lighting and acoustics systems. As for structural design, it included firstly the analysis of 3D model of the building, soil-structure interaction and seismic analysis then came the design process using a computer software. The HVAC, water, and sanitary systems have been designed throughout the mechanical design stage. The electrical design has been introduced including lighting and power systems and control panel design. Finally, emergency exits and an alarm system have also been included in the public safety design.” “Finally, it could be said the Nablus Municipality design has been done in a way that reflects the development of its performance and services in the society in accordance with the standers that suits society’s needs”.