Municipality Building

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Abu Haniya, Thaer
Nazzal, Nidal
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A Municipality is an urban administrative division and local authorities created by territories to provide services for civilians. It can exist in cities or villages. Raising their revenue by taxes and grants, and the government finance. It helps people in their daily life in various ways; from garbage pick-up and fire services, to build cultural facilities like community centers and libraries. It usually has sections like engineering, water supply, electricity supply, and survey sections. The main Reason that encourages us to design new one in Nablus city refers to the accelerate rate of growth, and the current Municipality does not adapt this growth. Its area is considered too small in comparison to the services that offer. On the other hand; its current site and location consider as very dense zone in the city, where it’s difficult to the citizen to access it by their own vehicles. This project Presents a design of a Municipality for Nablus city. Aims to Provide a building that achieves all standards and functions to get an integrated building. The building will be designed in an integrated way, the integrated systems contain architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and safety aspects. In this semester, the project will provide the standards and the specifications that the Municipality should has, limitation and restriction will be included also. Environmental, orientation, acoustical, and detailed studies for topography of the land the project will be designed on. Organized departments and ease access to each department and the Municipality itself, so the citizens can enter and do their work on it and exit it very smoothly and easy. Two case study will be illustrated. One global, and the other is local. That Act like a guide towards the design of the project that include architectural, environmental, mechanical, and safety aspects. Last, the methodology of the project based on a literature review to collect data and all aspects and challenges related to municipality design. Ask experience and specialist engineers and academic researchers, to get very accurate information about the mechanism of the project. Site analysis and proposed primarily plans and drawings will be the output the project.