Jackaroo Game

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Azhari, Lutfi
Asedeh, Tariq
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Currently we're witnessing an increase in people who play electronic games, and there are those who still play traditional games like card games. Those traditional games are now becoming more and more popular when we use the current technology to play them. Jackaroo is a game that's played a lot in Palestine using traditional boards and cards, we noticed that and we built a demo electronic board to play this game. The players of this game will be able to play it using our board, with special cards and boards that we'll provide. The game consists of three players who draw a number of cards and according to the card that they play they'll be able to get a score in this game. When a player play a card the card will be scanned automatically and the result of playing this card will be registered in front of him on the board using LEDs that have unique color for each player. The player that can make a complete circle around the board with his color will be declared as winner. The game is very simple and interactive, and our board will be easier to use and guarantee the correct result for the match. The board will scan the cards using IR sensor for each player, this result will be taken to the Arduino Uno that will process the card value and show it for the player on RGP LEDs. As each player play more cards they'll be able to see their results on the board. The original game didn't contain any card scanning, and the player would have manually to move his colored marbles on the board.