Analysis and design of engineering college

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Shakhsheer, Hiba
Shehadeh, Maram
Abu Hanyia, Mahmoud
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The Faculty of Architecture and Arts is place where the teaching of everything related to architecture and the arts is taught in an advanced manner, in theoretical and practical ways. The Architectural design is designed in a way that challenges the students to prepare and operate the systems in a manner designed to achieve comfort in all aspects of design including structural, environmental and electromechanical systems with no possibility to modify the architectural design except materials that used in it. This project aims to evaluation of the environmental architectural side of the project according to the requirements and considerations and codes of the project in addition to the site analysis and safety issue and fire exits ,then the proposal of an initial structural design shows the nature of the structural system and the distribution of the columns through the columns drawings and 3d modeling using SAB OR ETABS , then the design of electro-mechanical systems related to water supply, sewage and power sockets. As a conclusion the outcome of the project is to create an integrated design of architectural and arts educational college.