Preparation of Manual Procedures for Administrative and Operational Processes for Satco Company

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Al Khatib, Zeyad
Abu Jalboush, Osama
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This research was carried out on Satco Contractors and General Undertakings, founded in 1991. The scope of work for this research or study will be directed mainly to a section of the company's manufacturing departments (manufacturing electrical towers, columns and accessories) where the company works to provide a wide range of products in trade or production rules. In this practical study, the production, quality and inventory systems were examined against best industry practices, through performing GAP analysis techniques, some statistical analytical tools, financial analysis basics, and some schematic representation tools. It turns out that by implementing GAP analysis, the company runs a business in a provocative way. It has been found that there is no standard operating procedure, no cost control, no quality control tools, and no kind of planning for either personnel or production. In addition, it was found that the team and management supporting this work would learn with a high level of knowledge and expertise in this work. During this study and through key findings, work will be undertaken on the development of administrative and operational processes, the development of new planning tools to facilitate documentation and scheduling, the cost model, as well as the full review of the internal planning of the main sections to develop work models to facilitate documentation and clarify the responsibilities of the staff.