SuiteCase Carrier

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Abu-Eideh, Ayman
Habiba, Zaid
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Suitcase is a place to keep things of its user in transit. It has many design changes since its origin. All the changes have made the suitcase easily transportable. But some people find it hard to handling the suitcase and that cause many problems to it’s user. In order to make handling the suitcase easier for user and compatible with the current smart life of the people. In Airports, a lot of suitcases users find it very hard to carry there suitcase. In order to overcome the above said problems the suitcase carrier is been designed to help these people. Suitcase carrier is a compatible solution for the current smart life. It provide a lot of features like automobile feature which will follow a line beside the user automatically or manually, by choosing the correct path and avoid the obstacle objects. The whole system integration will be controlled through mobile application. For the hardware part the robot will be built based on Arduino and using the mobile, where the Arduino will be responsible for sensors integrations and motors movements, while the mobile application will be responsible for making the user control the system.