Smart Piano

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Eid, Lama
abd Alhalim, Masa
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If you ever had a piano lesson, some topics might seem a bit more complicated, if you used a music sheet or songbooks to play from, they will likely have chords to play. There are hundreds of possible chords in piano music. There are major and minor chords, diminished chords, inverted chords, augmented chords, and more. Just because there are so many chords to learn, it does not mean you have to memorize them in order to play. Everybody who wants to learn how to play the piano should learn how the piano works and acquire some basics first. But should be able to feel they can play the song they want as easy as listening to it. In this project we will work on a normal 49-key electrical keyboard, added leds above the keys, switches underneath, connected all of that to Arduino, connected the Arduino to a mobile app that allows to choose from a library of songs and choose the level of piano player and the speed to play the song on. Then start playing it right away by following the light up keys and getting feedbacks from the switches. By that, players will learn how to coordinate their hands, Their fingers will actually get a good work out and thereby can move faster, It will help them to recognize the tone of each note, and it will help to stretch their fingers to be able to go from one note to another rapidly, not to forget that it will help them practice focusing more and have a fast Hand-Ear-Eye coordination.