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Mohammed, Marabi
Abd Al-Rahman, Badran
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As known about pilgrimage, there are a lot of people at the same place and they tend to go there in groups. And the weather in Saudi Arabia is usually hot which requires umbrellas. Therefore, we aim to develop a smart umbrella system for Hajj/Omra. Pilgrims suffer from a lot of problems, some of them may get lost or away from the group, others may get disconnected by having no battery charge at their phones. Our project will help pilgrims in their trip, which is an umbrella carried by the pilgrim that can be used as a power outlet for mobile phones, powered through solar panels placed over the umbrella, it provides communication with the group members and guide in addition to the tracking option of members by the guide. Also, the system can provide features to assist pilgrims in their holy rituals such as counting the number of turns done by pilgrims around Kaaba and displaying it for them, and some medical checks like tracking the heart rate of the pilgrim.