Finding Roses and Killing drought

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Hasiba, Mais
Ishtewi, Seraj
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Many people that feel tired to water the flowers especially people who suffer from specific disability. So, according to this problem the aims of our idea is to make robot that can moving in the house with camera and making detection to the Flower containers by applying image processing using microprocessor and micro controller(Arduino and Raspberry Pi components ) separated in detection and mechanism scenarios using two operating systems( Window and Unix) , then measure the soil dryness for this flower using a specific sensor connect with mechanic arm which move it and put it in the soil , if the dryness is under the specific number then the robot will turn on the Water pump carrying with the robot and the robot will avoid any other obstacles using ultrasonic sensor , so in our project we will work on two parts , image processing which will find the destination by detect it, and The mechanic part which control the movement of the robot body.