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Dalia Omar
Roaa Barq
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Technology nowadays takes a large space in our lives, especially in applications that aim to solve a problem. It is good that recently technology has been added to find modern technological solutions for municipalities with the sup port of e-government for Palestinian municipalities through the design of digital services and solving these problems with the involvement of citizens as actual users of these solutions through a collaborative creative process spanning from identifying the problem to developing and testing solutions and increasing the possibility of access and participation. This project relied on a human-centered design methodology to create an ap plication that solves the problem of waste accumulation in the city of Nablus, targeting citizens and drivers of municipal cars affiliated with the Solid Waste Department. Users (citizens) will be able to log in and sign up, track the municipal cars of the solid waste department . As for the municipality car drivers, the shortest way to unload all the area’s containers will be shown at a lower time and cost. . This project include a mobile application. The Flutter framework, which is based on the Dart programming language, was used to create a mobile app . It also provides an API, which is an open source server environment that Node js uses to enable core features of applications and handle the two types of databases used,”Mongo DB” . Finally, the project went through the entire development process from start to finish, starting with database development, then design, then implementing everything, and putting it all together.