Enterprise Resource Planning for Rifai Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company

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Hiba Rifai
Aysha seddeh
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This project aims to develop and implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Rifai Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company using the Odoo platform. Established in 1959 in Palestine, the company specializes in refurbishing commercial refrigerators. The current semi-computerized system shows inefficiencies, particularly in inventory and sales management, necessitating a full ERP transition. The new ERP system is designed to enhance operational efficiency by integrating processes across sales, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, maintenance, and website management into a single cohesive system. The project aims to provide comprehensive management reports, reduce reliance on the human workforce, and increase profitability and productivity. The ERP system will improve workflow efficiency by streamlining business processes and reducing redundancy. Future recommendations focus on continuous system improvement and expansion to meet evolving business needs, ultimately transforming the company's operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.