Integrated redesign of modern English school in Nablus city

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Juma, Anwar
Yahya, Sali
Yahya, Sineen
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A school is a type of educational institution that provides learning spaces and conditions for students to learn while being supervised by teachers. primary schools are for young children, and secondary schools are for adolescents who have completed their primary education. School design is important work and needs to be present in all population groups.” “The rapid growth rate was the main reason for designing a private school that includes different age groups, from kindergarten to secondary level in Ma’ajin -Nablus. In that region, there are fewer private schools than public schools, and parents choose to enroll their children in private schools due to their early ages.” “After analyzing and discovering the problems facing schools in the construction and operation phase, these problems have been addressed two stages. In the stage of the first graduation project the site of the school we analyzed in terms of its topographic nature, the surrounding environment, and the study of soil structure, then the role of architectural design, including spaces, direction, column distribution, and orientation, and environmental design.