Academic Green School Project

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Malhas, Noran
Ghannam, Malak
Odeh, Gharam
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This project is based on designing the Academic Green School, which is located in Nablus. Which is going to be environmentally friendly known as a green building, with applying convenient systems for the students and for the staff. This type of school buildings is to be chosen on account of having loads of classical school buildings in Nablus, as well, the need of providing comfortable, healthy, new environment of its kind for students. This green concept will differentiate the project among all other projects. This is going to be completed according to the comparison resulting from the Ministry of Education’s Technical Specifications and a school’s project on the ground. The project’s life will resume until all plans are ready interspersed with architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, HVAC and fire aspect. The architectural plans will consist of site analysis, elevations, sections, and functional distribution of the building. The structural plans will include column distribution, beam, footing, tie beam, and slab layout using an appropriate structural system economically and safely. The mechanical and electrical plans take into consideration the drainage system, water and power supply system, lighting distribution and their calculations. HVAC and fire system. The environmental analysis branching out to thermal, lighting and acoustic simulation. In the end, there is going to be a report that includes all design details and conditions, a table of quantities and shop drawings will be submitted.