Analysis ,Improvement,Conservation,and Design PV System For Electrical Network of the Beat Ommar Twon

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Iyad Obaid
Osama Yousef
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Our project is to make a load flow study and analysis for BEAT OMMAR Electrical Network using ETAP software to improve the power factor and to reduce the electrical losses in the network and so, reducing the penalties in the total tariff  for the municipality, increasing the reliability of the network. More over we want to increase the capability of the transformers and the transmission lines. We made a conservation energy study in order to decrease the consumption and the peak demand. We made that study on all sectors of the network such as houses, street lighting, water pumping .. etc. we made analysis for three houses on SAFA site, and design of centralized and decentralized PV system component for these houses and we made economic model for selection optimum configuration of PV system (centralized and decentralized ).  To do that we will follow the sequence bellow :Analyzing this network by collecting data such as resistance and reactance, length, rated voltages, max power and reactive power on each bus .We entered these data to the software ( ETAP) and getting the results .We will give recommendations and conclusions. The improvements for elements of the network. Study the three houses load. Design of centralized and decentralized PV system for these houses