Structural Analysis and Design of Clock Tower in Jenin city

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Mohammad Hijjawi
Nour Abu Hantash
Mohammad Bzoor
Omar Yasin
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This project is a shopping mall and a residential building, which consists of ten stories including two basement stories, seven stories and auditorium. The whole area of the structure is 7,605 m2. The clock tower in Jenin is one of the newest structures in the city; its main objectives are to provide the best shopping experience, social gatherings, entertainments, performances, promotions, and a residential area. Our objective is sufficient design the building through providing a safe and economical design of all structural elements, considering all possible loads, following modern structural codes and using computer programs while also performing manual checks then to provide practical, fully detailed structural drawings, which can be used later for a bid. Design process involve the preparation of the required information for the structure to be efficient in design and analysis under static loads (gravity loads) and dynamic loads (seismic loads). The design process of the project is following ACI 318-14. The framing arrangement and column locations of the building were provided based on architectural and structural requirements. The project outline is as follows: Firstly, the introduction about the project including details about the architectural design. Secondly, preliminary design according to ACI 318-14 code is performed. Thirdly, a 3D model and design using the ETABS16 program are constructed. Finally, fully detailed steel reinforcements plans & drawings are done using the AutoCAD program.