Analysis of the Water Distribution Network of Arraba Village

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Ahmad Ardah
Fadi Nuirat
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Water is one of the most valuable resources on our planet. Our life mainly depends on it. Humans face an existential problem as human population continues to grow and this increases the water demand. In order to supply all people with water, there is a need for a water supply system which includes reservoirs, water distribution network, valves, pumps……etc. The problem we are trying to resolve in this project is the poor water distribution network in Arraba that doesn’t meet the needs of the population and the water shortage during summer is an evidence of its incompetence, and that is the reason reforms of the outdated network are essential. However, in order to redesign this network, an analysis of the existing water distribution network was made though out the first graduation project, using WaterCad Software, AutoCad and Excel program. Next, a new design will be made, taking into consideration the flaws of the existing network, in order to overcome them. The new design will be able to satisfy the needs of the population in the future, and to achieve this goal, WaterCad Software along with other programs (GIS, AutoCad, Excel…. etc.) are going to be used, and a detailed cost estimation of the project will be made later on. Water shortage is a reference to the high percentage of losses in the existing water network and the decrease of the groundwater level, leading to a temporary scarcity of water. This shortage is more apparent during summer due to the rise of the demand. WaterCad is a software that will be used frequently during this project. It will help us to analyze the existing network and design a new more efficient network afterwards.