Designing of Wastewater collection network of Kafr Ra’I Town

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Abd Al-Khaliq Touqan
Obadah Hamdan
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Water is very important for all the requirements of living such as: drinking, washing, irrigation, agriculture and industry. So water is necessary to keep the human alive. However, as a result of water consumptions, wastewater is being produced. We chose Kafr Ra'i town, where the wastewater is being disposed traditionally by using the cesspits, which affects human’s health, produces insects, unpleasant orders and the leaking to groundwater due to infiltration. Moreover, it is a costly way to dispose of the wastewater into cesspits because of evacuation. It is a safe way to treat wastewater (WW) instead of disposing it untreated. So to convey the wastewater to the treatment plant we have to design a wastewater collection network. By doing this we are trying to suggest a solution for cesspits problems. For a best design of sewer network, first of all, we require a good knowledge about the wastewater generation, which depends on population and water consumption. Secondly, it requires sufficient knowledge in hydraulic principles. Finally, this design needs a practice and a good knowledge in using sewer design networks software and processing tools for data inputting and outputting such as: Sewer CAD, AutoCAD, GIS and Excel.