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Eid, Lama
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The Scholarships Office (SO) works for Academic Affairs to assist students of An-Najah National University who wish to pursue education at foreign, In addition, the office assists high achieving students in their pursuit of Master's degrees and PhDs - All the communications between the applicants and the admin done by email - All the communications between the accepted applicants and the admin over all the study years done by email So, it is important to build a mobile application ease the communication process between all parties. This application establishes some required main points of the application for three categories: • Admin : can browse the users profiles, create a scholarship, delete a scholarship, publish a scholarship, remove a scholarship from publishing, show the applicants to a specific scholarship, assign a dean with limited administration and delete a dean. • Deans : as the admin, but with limitations defined by the admin. • For students and staff: can create a profile to browse the published scholarships, submit request to a specific scholarship The application will be built using a cross platform language (react native). this will allow all users with different mobile devices operating systems to use this application easily with high performance as native applications