FitBit - Fitness Application

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Shraim, Ghadir
Salawdeh, Hayat
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As the idea of staying in a good health concerns a lot of people, that has given us the idea of the project. To be healthy means you have to take care of your activity, sleep time, what you eat etc. “FitBit” is a mobile application that helps in achieving the dream of being fit. The app will go with you in a plan to help you lose, gain or maintain your weight. While checking either iOS App Store or Play Store, you will see an enormous number of similar applications. However, most of these applications have done at most one of these features i.e. either the pedometer and exercising feature or tracking calories feature, so the “FitBit” has tried to implement both. Our application uses one of the newest cross-platform frameworks which is React Native for the front-end side. For the back-end, it uses NodeJS environment and the database is a MongoDB database