Journey to Programming World

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Ishtewi, Seraj
Hasiba, Mais
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In this project we developed a website for educational purpose; we want to teach school students the concept of programming and how programming rules and steps can be implemented as games, the student itself will enter a game to understand how computer languages deal with our definitions. The website contains a book we write them as a help to the students for each level of programming, students can download this help and read it before playing the game about it. In the games, the players will get the chance treat with the hardware and software in the computers, they will act like a compiler to execute the commands recommended from them to achieve the programming concept and by solving it, they will understand how computer will act. We use sketch up to design some special rooms to represent the memory and objects and then export them into unity , and in unity we edit them to suite the unity environment , so we added some effects and events using c# language, also we added sounds, animations to make it as close to the computer and programming world . This idea is new, no one before did it, they design a websites and programs to teach the language itself, but our project teach the concept, how to think, and how to go inside the programming world in a journey, so have a seat we will fly. We used several tools for designing and developing our project such as Unity Game Engine, Sketch Up, SQLite manage and candy design for designing the books. We will explain these tools briefly later Journey to the Programming World: you will fly with our plane to a land, in this land we will see some of common languages in the world, and in some area in this land you will meet strange objects using a strange language for you, which is the programming language. The projects is a mix of website contains a library of books we write it, as a help to the students to understand the games they will play in next level, These books are uploaded by the teachers and downloaded by the students (we chose school students , from 6th grade and up ), then there are the games , we use JavaScript and unity to create them , the player start with the introduction which we talk about above , after flying the students will start understanding some basics in programming , such as binary numbers , data types , variables and how to read and write them , declarations and how variables take places in memory , bugs and some types of errors , if statement , loops , arrays and some operations on it , and functions . When the student click on the games or books , he must sign up and log in , also each student can leave a comments under each game , what he understand , after each game there is a level of questions about the concept he got from playing this game. The web site contains of some functionalities, such us upload a book with its cover and type, each level (concept) has a type, so the students can download it, he can’t download it unless he log in and he can search in about any level so he will find the help as a book, teachers can also delete the books from the website, Students and teachers can edit their profiles. In the game sections, there is drag and drop, input and output games using JavaScript, and unity games Using c# and animations, the student enter the game as a player. There are two types of users in the website, students and teachers, teachers connect with the students and upload books and notes I the website so students can download and read them. Each game aims to support a concept.