Integrated Redesign of an Al-Rahma dispensary Building

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Damra, Ahlam
Abu Lail, Asil
Ghazal, Duaa
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This project was redesign of an existing building which is known as “Al- Rahma Dispensary”, located in the eastern region of Nablus city. The importance of this project arises from the importance of health and health care supplied by this dispensary to the residence of this region. Another factor that increases the importance of this project is the location of this dispensary in a highly populated area. This fact leads to make all the necessary arrangements to handle the high number of patients expected to visit this facility on daily basis. The location of this building, between two main streets makes these arrangements much more crucial as a result of environmental and disturbance impacts of such location. In this project, the building would be redesign where the new design would take into consideration all the weaknesses, flaws, and drawbacks existed in the current building in order to employ solution that improves the performance of the building in different design aspect, such as improving building performance in water and energy consumption. Also, high indoor air quality also we will take in to account the seismic design to be designed in the building. In the end, a report that includes all design details and conditions, a table of quantities and shop drawings was submitted.