Toys Arranging Robot (TAR)

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Atta, Rania
Haj Ali, Ala’
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As everything we do in our daily life required time and sometimes extra effort to do it or achieve what we want. It was the chance to find a way to help others and especially mothers as they’re the main target in this project in order to help them in saving time and effort wasted in arranging Lego pieces for their kids. Toys Arranging Robot (TAR) is a robot that aims to collect kids’ Lego and place them in a desired box above it. It is designed as a car with a robotic arm connected to it and a camera placed in front for detection purpose. The robot was built using basic hardware component for a car robot which are DC motors, H-bridges, ultrasonic sensors and basic hardware components for a robotic arm which are servo motors, all connected to Arduino as a controller. And OpenCV with python for Lego detection via Raspberry pi and its camera.