Commercial Tower

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Khilleh, Ahmad
Hamarsheh, Areen
Rabaya, Mustafa
Daraghmeh, Ali
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Humankind has interested throughout history in exchanging of goods, basically for living. And to satisfy this need, people have formed public centers in open areas. With time, the human needs have increased widely, for sure due to the rapid development in several aspects. So these public centers in all countries have become the most important issue. For a big city as Nablus the demand for commercial buildings has been increasing recently. The importance of commercial towers thus is highly highlighted, and thus our project deals with understanding the environmental, architectural and construction aspects of tower design that would ensure the needs and comforts of its users. The tower aims to provide all the necessary services to its residents, for all services, health, administrative and recreational areas. The project located at Nablus city, "Wadi Al-Tufah" at Tunis Street. this location selected because of many advantages: for example it’s a vital and reasonably quiet area, accessible as it is located near to a main street. In addition, the site is not surrounded by any tall buildings that might block sunlight and the wind natural flow. A tower is designed by standard which is being recognized worldwide as an energy efficient environmentally friendly high quality design. This building expected to make efficient use of the solar gain, internal heat sources and heat recovery systems to minimize the use of conventional heating systems in winter. And, in summer, these towers use cooling systems to stay comfortably cool without the need of traditional cooling systems. The tower consist of 17 stories and two basements, the basement supposed to be parking the ground and first floor designed to be mall, and other stories supposed to be offices. SAP 19, SAFE and ETAPS used for structural design, Dialuxevo program used for artificial lighting calculation, Eccotect and Insul. Programs used for Acoustical design In addition to this project being environmentally friendly tower, some smart technology will be added to complete the energy efficiency and comfort in the tower. The full design of all the systems was carried out during this study. All the calculations, plans, and drawings associated with the design will be provided.