Integrated Design of a Restaurant

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Ebseesih, Bushra
Hnini, Dana
Haneish, Doa’a
Yaseen, Nareman
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Abstract The project is the second phase of the design process of a restaurant that will be located in Nablus. This phase will include two stages, namely: literature review and architectural design of the restaurant. Our project will emphasize on most of engineering aspects including Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and environmental systems. Local and international standards and codes of practice will be applied. In the structural design, the project will be analyzed and designed using software programs with consideration of dynamic analysis. Architectural design will focus on shape and easy accessibility between different sections of the building, plans and 3-D models will be provided. In mechanical and environmental section H-Vac , water, piping and sanitation system will be designed, methods of waste disposal will be discussed. Electrical system will include designing power and lighting units and taking in consideration the special sections with heavy loads like the kitchen. In addition to that and for all of these criteria, the design will provide emergency exists, fire system and handicap utilities. All analysis and design details of the project will be documented in a report with shop drawings which contain all design details and can be implemented in practice.