Sanitary Village Project

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Hajji, Raghad
Salous, Aya
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In recent years, many of modern countries tries to make its environment healthier and follow all safety rule to decrease some kinds of diseases and catastrophe as we dream our committee to be. Unfortunately, our environment that we live in don’t have any of safety or healthy rule as outside, so we will start doing some basics to make this true. Actually, we studied and analyzed some basics rules for getting a healthy one. Also we saw many of them as putting a helmet for work, cleaning our place, putting gloves while we are cooking, etc.… More Over, we aim to help people in different ways to attract them to do these healthy rules in a good ways while they are smiling. We hope to make a contract with our city council to make our project idea. To this end, we would be glad to benefit our committee in different ways in order to decrease maybe some diseases that came from unhealthy life ,But as we are still at the beginning our decision was to make our project about the most important thing- that would make all other rules easy to achieve - is to encourage the people to put their rubbish in its places and that would be through giving everyone a card that would help the city council to know who and what is the amount that he puts in order to make for him a good sales or to make some reduction on tax . For more details, our project will contains a garbage bin which will be also connecting with an Arduino kit with Rfid reader to read the card –which we mentioned its work above . In Addition, we will use some sensors to detect if the garbage bin is filled or not. For that, an alarm would be set as it would send a message if any one move the bin from its place and also or if it’s filled as we said. We would like to have more time so we can add also a camera to classify a rubbish material if its class or plastic. Finally, we conclude by saying that we hope that this project will lead to other changes in our committee as European countries tries to apply this project in its place.