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Qaissi, Abla
Shaker, Aya
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KidzHome mobile app and website allow parents to see what’s happening in their child's day as it occurs anywhere at any time. They stay current with their child's progress and feel like they are part of their day. Parents get to see everything that is happening on the day of their child ,what they ate ,when they slept ,where they played and much more with updates that have from the teachers . They also should notify the childcare if child will be absent or needs to attend on an unscheduled day. Also there is a chat between parent and teachers . On the other hand the nursery notify parents if there is an activity that they want to do for children for example if childcare want to do "red color day" they should send a message for parent to wear their child red color and so on . Nursery also manage payment , they notify parent that they have a batch for this week or month . Each of childcare an parents can give to each other weekly a feedback about the behavior , s of child . And for website , it is give a general information about KidsHome nursery for user like activities and teachers .In the other hand , website isfor admin managements .