Masters For Fashions

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Abdo, Khaled
Serawi, Yousef
Aghbar, Yousef
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The idea of the project is to make an online store for the Masters firm in Nablus, it’s a firm that make some modulation on some fashions that are imported from China, when we analyze the Business process of the firm previously to do a project for System analysis course, we discover that there’re a lot of problems in their way of doing the processes and their work like, recording of the products and orders arrived, making the invoices for the customers, how they communicate with the customers, and etc, then we discover that it’s a chance to do our Graduation project to solve these problems for that firm, by putting and summarize the ideas and topics we learned in the MIS field on it. Platform of WordPress were used to summarize these ideas, the idea of choosing this platform based on many factors such as: the ease of use, the ease of implementing our ideas on it, and first of all because of the plugins that WordPress provide to make it more easy and dynamic. Through the project we think that we solved many problems of the firm, such as: provide the customer with a website that he can review all the products the firm presents, choose any of it and make an order for it, he can track his order, and he can contact the firm through it, the manager of the firm can track and manage all the products and the orders that arrived to the website, contact the customers, provide them with the order’s invoices for each of them, he also can review all types the reports he want, about the orders, the products or any other type, just to have the ability to make the most possible right decision for any situation.
e-marketing, e-commerce