Smart chair for people with special needs

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ramadan, Ikhlass
abu nasser, Sumaya
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In terms of helping people with a special needs -in order to make them not to feel inferior, and be like an ordinary , effective and successful person ,this project idea came. The idea of this project is to use technology to develop the ordinary chair into a smart one with several features , so that people with special needs who suffer from diseases that limits their physical and physiological abilities will be doing their duties themselves without helping from others.these features mainly contain a solar cell that convert the solar energy into electricity this way there will be alternative source for the battery if it enters unlike the ordinary which has a battery charged by electricity. Secondly, the user or his helper can request and control the chair via Bluetooth, also, an umbrella( Moving ceiling )will protect him in winter, without user intervention. Finally, the chair will be able to identify the presence of drilling and issuing a voice warning from them. We hope this project will be a useful tool for purposed people and make life easier for them. Arduino and some hard-weer tools are used to achieve our targeted features.