Single Phase PV-STATCOM Using Multilevel Inverter

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Sowwan, Mohammad
Aqra, Osama
Hnini, Osama
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Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), a representative of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) family, is a promising technology being extensively used as the dynamic shunt compensator for reactive power controlling transmission and distribution system. The proposed PV-STATCOM uses PV system as other source to support the network by providing active power to reduce the stress on the source and reactive power to improve power factor and voltage stability. Although the number of PV installation is rapidly growing the effective utilization of PV inverter remains low. In order to increase the utilization of grid tie inverter by operating it as VAR compensation mode when PV power is unavailable. A comparison did to select the topology for the inverter and control technique to obtain the best results of the system. In this project the multilevel inverter had been picked with PI controller The aim in this project is to solve the power quality problems such as reactive power compensation, poor voltage regulation, and harmonics current elimination by using smart inverter PV-STATCOM. The proposed PV-STATCOM uses photovoltaic arrays system as a source of active power to eliminate the harmonics current and reactive power to make the power factor unity. However, the renewable sources are not available during night hours in this case PV inverter will remain idle. This reduces the effective utilization of PV inverter. In order, to increased effective utilization of these inverter the night mode operation has been proposed. This mode used to draw some active power from grid to charge the DC bus capacitors to achieve the same purpose during day time.