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Rana Mara’beh
Lubna Thaher
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Our parents and our grandparents are the most precious thing we have, they took care of us from the time we were born until this moment,And after seeing the conditions of our society in providing care for the elderly, we read many research studies on this subject, which show many deficiencies in their needs. And with the advancement of technology and the widespread use of mo bile phones in all aspects of life,and as part of their care and concern for them, we saw the idea of developing an application to help take care of them and provide their needs as a beautiful idea As this application will be useful for both parents and children, and it can solve many problems and deficiencies. We care, an application that allows user to record his information and then enter and benefit from the available services, such as online shopping, and since the online store in the application contains things for the elderly such as clothes, shoes and other tools, the application allows users to see the nearby events that It is organized for the health of the elderly, and a seat is reserved to attend the event through the application, and reminders of the time of medication by adding medicine information’s like name, time,amount and notes , and then it will be a notification and a reminders system to tell them about medicine. finally we also have the service of asking a doctor by a page contains a list of doctors and a chat system to chat with them and ask anythings at any time . Android Studio, that deals with the Simulators on which we can run and monitor the software, is the IDE we would use. Flutter and Dart are the programming languages that we will use in Android Studio to write the application. SQLite for the database used. This is not the first elderly care application created, here we are working to strengthen some services , and create own specific services such as the use of shopping online for all needs and the free event’s list.