Design Analysis

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Ranin Shakhshir
Nadira Wari
Hayam Albarq
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Rafidia Street is considered one of the most important streets in the city of Nablus so the existence of a large commercial and residual complex is necessary to meets the needs of people on that area. Our project consists of 11 floors with an approximate area of 800-100 square meters per floor and contains many shops and commercial offices. To order the type of footing we firstly go to bring the soil testing to know the details of the soil that we will build in it and then we calculated all the weight and loads from the building slabs, beams, column, and walls to reach the foundation. The office design they will use raft foundation because the type of the soil is marl and limestone on Full excavation work and in the test they found that there is a ground water on hole 3 so the raft it is The more suitable type to use. In project 1 we analysised all the structure on the building ane in project 2 wetry to design the foundation for the building we not forced to design like the office we try more than type of foundations. In this project , we have designed the foundation of the building and the basement wall in three different soil conditions : Isolated footing taking in the consideration that the bearing capacity is 200 and 300 kn/m2.