Operation Improvement at AL-HEJAZ Factory

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Hassouna, Rama
Bizreh, Rinad
Younes, Farah
Salhi, Aya
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Industrial engineering aims to create a perfect performance of the plant. By eliminating hidden cost, energy, person hours, machine time and material waste and other resources that do not generate value. It also involves enhancing productivity, performance and quality. Al-Hijaz Company was established in 2005. It is a chocolate factory that has its own signature recipes of chocolate mixtures. It produces a high quality chocolate with Exceptional flavors and variety of shapes and stuffing, using modern machines with advanced technologies. The company Succeeded in building an excellent brand name and its management thinks that there are many opportunities to increase productivity and reduce cost by implementing an operations improvement project. In our project we are going to adopt the concept of industrial engineering to create a more productive production lines by using methods of lean manufacturing to help us achieve our goals. This project has many objectives outlined in the following points: Firstly, aassessment for the existing status of the factory, especially production lines, inventory and quality department. Secondly, improve production lines by creating a system that will assist them to calculate the efficiency of production lines. Thirdly, eliminating waste and enhancing productivity efficiency in the factory, as a result cost will be reduced too. Fourthly, Clarify the sequence of the production operation that will enhance the probability of discovering the losses. Finally, Improve the ability for monitoring and controlling the orders fulfillment.