Stay Healthy

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Alaa, Nahla
Osayd, Najar
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Stay Healthy is an Android system designed to serve all segments of society. The system is designed to serve customers in reaching the weight they want, whether they want to gain or lose weight, and in the calculation of the so-called body mass index, and there is a simple addition which is to help the mother know the necessary vaccination for her child and when to get it, and know the foods that are recommended to eat in the first months of his life, There are some exercises and nutritional recipes that help in maintaining a healthy and healthy body Finally, the system is easy to use and clearly helps in knowing the calories in the diets, and it is also characterized by the presence of some music that helps to relax the user while he is doing some exercises or seeing the suggested recipes, and it also gives accurate results and provides better and faster services than medical consultations.