Smart Vending Machine

Our project idea came from pharmacy visits. We noticed that pharmacists face some difficulties in finding medicines sometimes because they are distributed in different places and far from each other, so we came up with our smart vending machine to help them access these medicines which may be demanded frequently and we tried to give them the chance to save effort and time during their working hours. Our machine stores the medicines in cells and they can be reached through a user interface which facilitates its use and makes it user friendly, easy to use and understood by pharmacists. It has a box or a basket that collects the demanded medicines and brings them to the user so that they don't have to look for them all over the pharmacy. Our project is initially designed for medicines that don't need a refrigerator and for commonly used ones like painkillers, antibiotics and so on. This initial design came after asking a number of pharmacists and saying that this would help them a lot with their job. It's also a secured machine that can’t be accessed by anyone because it needs a fingerprint and a passcode to open it. It also has a temperature sensor which will turn on a fan if the temperature exceeds a specific degree.