Wastewater Collection and Treatment Plant For some villages of the south and southeast of Nablus

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Nahawand A. Ismail
Majd M. Hamayel
Bara’a A. Sweedan
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All villages in the south and southeast of Nablus don’t have a wastewater network, they dispose of wastewater through septic tanks, since these villages have a lot of groundwater and springs, the wastewater start leaking to the groundwater and pollute the drinking water, so it must have a wastewater network and a treatment plant. Our objective in this project is to design a network to collect wastewater from main sewer line of some villages (note: we will check what villages can be collected and served in this project), not all the villages can be served by the project, because the terrains are difficult in this area. Also, in this project the treatment plant will be designed in a suitable location to use the treated water in irrigation. The contour map will be checked and the aerial photographs to decide which villages in south and southeast of Nablus can be included in this study area. Then, make a suitable design of the collection network, which start from the outlet of each village to the treatment plant location (using Sewer Cad model) to satisfy the future needs. Finally, the treatment plant will be designed using GPXS program, and cost estimate for the entire project will be estimated if there is enough time.