Academic Najah Forum

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Ammar Omar
Tariq Bahbouh
Muhammad Draidi
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Abstract The "Academic Najah Forum" stands as a versatile online platform, connecting students throughout An-Najah University to enhance their academic experiences collectively. This comprehensive system aims to simplify university study procedures, encourage faculty-related discussions, and facilitate both virtual and on-class meetings. Every student is equipped with a personalized profile, offering a virtual representation of their academic journey. Users can share experiences, highlight mastered subjects, and detail their proficiency in various courses. The platform's robust chat system fosters seamless communication, empowering students to connect, share insights, and seek assistance in specific subjects. A key feature of the platform is its ability to connect students seeking help with those who excel in particular educational materials. This facilitates connections, allowing students struggling with specific subjects to communicate with peers who possess a strong understanding of the material. Communication methods include text-based discussions, scheduling in-person meetings in available university halls, or conducting video calls through the Zoom website. The platform enriches the user experience by featuring a shared calendar displaying available university halls for convenient organization of face-to-face meetings, in addition to facilitating on-class meetings. An interactive question and answer system encourages open discussions and the exchange of experiences. In summary, the "Academic Najah Forum" is an inclusive platform catering to all students at An-Najah University, providing a space for collaboration, academic support, and the exchange of valuable experiences. Whether through virtual or on-class meetings, the platform consolidates various functions into one unified location.