Automatic Farm management

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Mayyaleh, Morad
Alsaeed, Mahmoud
Thiab, Motaz
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The main objective of the project is to automate the watering process, as well produce high efficient products with lower cost and effort. The system main plan has been set to start implementing the project by knowing what are the parts needed for the system. The system will contain field devices, sensor, the PLC controller, racks and communication modules all connected together. The system is connected to a database to save data; the user can display the data from any time at any time as needed, the database is connected to the PLC to allow data to transfer both ways. The user will monitor the system and enter the standard parameters values in order to compare with the sensors readings; the comparison is used to decide what the PLC should do to get the desired value for each parameter in order to get the best output for the system.