Process Improvement of AL-Reyad Furniture Company

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Nazzal, Aya
Raddad, Kawkab
Azaar, Mais
Moqadi, Yasmeen
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Process improvement has an important role in the advancement of any company, whether those processes are industrial or administrative. Al-Reyad Company one of the furniture companies that seeking to improvement in its processes. Previous company has many problems, this problem such as: there is not appropriate layout for machines, there is no clear organizational structure and job description, No available department management system in addition no documentation and archiving system used in it, lack of forms that facilitate management issues and inventory problems. So this project aims at solving the existing problems in this company by adopting many criteria. To solve the problems that have been put forward previously, by collecting the data ; at first we built a new lay out for machines distribution that exist in production department by using Blok plan program, also to solve responsibilities problem we built a clear organization structure and job description and all department responsibilities have been showed. As one of the most important work done in this project is designing work procedures and related forms for most departments like Quality department, Purchasing department, Maintenance department, Warehouses department, Production department and Human resource department. Because of the importance of the data that collected by the forms it was necessary to have an archiving system in the company, so in this project archiving system have been designed and criteria of classification also clarified. Finally, in this project a special section was created for the gallery which helps in identifying the items that are produced in the company, in addition to the best storage lay out has been suggested to use in the company.