Agro-Indastrial park in Qalqilia 

This research focused on the planning of an agro-industrial zone in the city of Qalqilya that serves the national level. It is a recent subject in Palestine and its importance is due to the need for it and the benefit it provides to us in economic and planning areas. And to provide employment opportunities for many citizens. In this research, several chapters were dealt with from the beginning of the research, the presentation of the research problem and its importance, the concepts and terminology related to agriculture and industry in Palestine, and similar study cases for the project to benefit from the experiences of other countries. , And then access to the justification of the project and the selection of the city of Qalqilya, and the analysis of the site to exit the scheme of the industrial agricultural area, which addressed many of the problems experienced by the city in terms of indiscriminate spread of factories between the residential neighborhoods, as well as workshops and workshops and random spread of animals House of residential houses to find Has a productive and effective place and serves the citizens in a cost-effective and effective positive and where the plantations that are famous for the province and the agricultural areas in them for marketing and manufacturing to find a material return and useful interest on a larger level