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Jabr, Hala
Zakaria, Noor
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Most of people prefer to get an easy life that makes anything they want to be available at any time and at any place. Technology, specially internet makes it easier to order anything you want and deliver it to any location you choose by an operation called delivery In Palestine, there is no delivery management system as when customers order something and they do not get updated when the order is dispatched. Also, the transportation of delivering based only on cars and motors which means that your order may takes long time to get dispatched and received due to traffic and lack of vehicles which make the delivery system less reliable by customers. People also don’t know where their order reaches so they can’t recognize how much time it will take to reach. So to overcome these problems we want to provide a mobile application with cross platform framework and a website that will help people to get their demands in a fast way. Our project will have a lot of functionalities that make it distinct from any Palestinian delivery application. You can order from restaurants, markets, shops, homes, factories, libraries and many other things you want by opening the map and the app will choose the nearest delivery person from the place you want to order from and ask him to give you the order so you will save time. Also there is no need for calling to check if your order is ready or not, because you can track your request all the way until it reaches to you. Each customer will have its own account and request the order by an algorithm chooses the best delivery person. Then customer can see the order while delivery man moving and he can make a chat with him. Then the order will deliver to him as fast as possible. Delivery person may be in a car, motorcycle, bike or a walker person! So the application will create jobs for anyone who wants by telling the application that he want to be a delivery member. Finally, you can give your feedback about the delivery person and rating him when the order delivered. So, the delivery man can review his rate. And the admin can see all the delivery men’s rates.