Design of waste water collection system for Al-Attarah Village

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Abdel-Rahman Rawajbeh
Hisham Yaseen
Noor Al-Din Rabaya
Sameh Nofal
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Water is one of the most important elements for all human beings on Earth for the continuation of life and the development of many aspects such as economic, social, industrial, commercial, service and others. Water resources in Palestine are characterized by shortage and are highly influenced by Israeli occupation. We adopted in our project Al-Attarah village which is a small village located in the southern west of Jenin district, which has an area of about 4000 dunum and a population of approximately 2000. For the fact that there is no water distribution network and wastewater collection system and there are so many problems relating to water sources. As we headed to the water department in Jenin municipality we asked for the needed maps which are: contour map, structural roads network and distribution of buildings. We had entered these data to WaterCAD software in order to start our design of water distribution network. Also we use this data for SewerCAD software for the design of sewer system. The main objectives are to design an excellent water distribution network which provide sufficient flow, velocity and pressure head within the limits so that the network stay in a good condition for the upcoming 30 years. Also the design of very good sewer system that serve the study area and provide best disposal of the wastewater, also within the required design limit for velocity, slope and cover depth.