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juaidi, Lotfe
sabaaneh, Zakaria
samara, Mahdi
saadi, Nabel
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In this project, a complex of villas in the city of Nablus has been redesigned and made more environmentally friendly and energy efficient . The project consists of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design. The project is designed by applying the standards, laws and scientific methods of scientific research and design , Whether manual calculations or calculations through engineers' computing programs to apply the right standards in environmental and economic design. Architectural design takes into consideration the shape of the building and the relations between the rooms. The environmental design includes directing the building and thermal and acoustic insulation of the building in addition to the natural lighting in the building. For mechanical design it takes into account the type of system used for heating and conditioning and design, as well as sanitation and watering the building , , The structural design is fully arming the building, and ultimately the electrical design is concerned with the industrial lighting inside the building and the distribution of energy. Accounts and details A program such as the Autocad program and computer programs and their files are found in the report.